Are you a Pisces Woman?

The Pisces woman, romantic and passionate, makes the perfect partner for many other signs in the Zodiac. However, just because a match is perfect for her partner, it doesn’t mean it’s best for the Pisces. Some pairings benefit the Pisces woman greatly, while there are others she should avoid at all costs. The Pisces woman needs a stable partner who shows understanding and provides her with the emotional stability she sometimes lacks. This creates a harmonious relationship in which she thrives.

Pisces and Aries

An aggressive Aries overwhelms Pisces while failing to provide the emotional connectedness Pisces so desperately seeks. Though Aries will find this relationship satisfying, the Pisces woman yearns for a deeper connection than she will likely find with this partner-. She may also have trouble knowing when to let this relationship go, and the strong-willed Aries will only complicate matters vvith his own outspoken opinion on the relationship.

Pisces and Taurus

Taurus provides both sensitivity and stability for the Pisces woman. These signs complement each other in many ways. Well-grounded Taurus helps the Pisces woman be realistic. She, in turn, gently encourages Taurus to open his mind to new experiences and a dash of fun and excitement, both in their relationship and in his own life.

Pisces and Gemini

The Pisces woman confuses Gemini’s lighthearted manner and teasing wth insensitivity, making this a poor match in most circumstances. While Gemini’s playful attitude matches Pisces well when she is in a fanciful mood, this sign offers nothing to counter Pisces unrealistic tendencies. Gemini will reject the Pisceswoman’s attempt to form a deep, personal relationship, as he looks for an adventurous partner wth few emotional ties. The Pisces woman will find this relationship lacking and will experience deep pin when Gemini carelessly discards her as just one of the many chapters in his love story.

Pisces and Cancer

This is one of the best possible pairs for both partners. Crabs express their feelings well, form deep bonds with their partners and strive to better understand another person’s point of view. Cancers balance this affection with a stable personality that meshes well wth the Pisces woman’s need for security. Crabs provide the strong personality Pisces women crave, without creating an unbalanced relationship in the process.