Are you Dating a Gemini Or Leo Woman?

Dating Gemini Or Leo

The women in every man’s lives and enhance the power of their relationships. So, between 2 kinds of sun-signs which one are you dating today?

Gemini Woman

Many men feel that the Gemini woman is actually two women in one. And in many ways this is a true statement. Those born under the sign of Gemini have a great many admirable qualities. They as well as some negative traits the men who date them need to be aware of.

On the positive side, Gemini women tend to be very witty and eloquent. This witty and lively nature often makes them the life of the party. Gemini is often the center of attention wherever they go.

The Gemini woman also tends to be a born communicator. These women often make wonderful public speakers, teachers, managers and even politicians. The ability to communicate effectively with a wide variety of people makes the Gemini woman a born leader. Her vibrant personality and youthful nature means that those she meets tend to like her right away.

The men who date her will have to be prepared for her sometimes tense nature. A Gemini woman can also be quite inquisitive, so the man in her life would do well to not try to hide things from her, and can be a bit high strung nervous.

She may not quite be two women in one, but the Gemini worm certainly has some interesting qualities. By understanding these qualities and traits men can gain a more thorough understanding of Geminis.

Leo Women

Those women born under the sign of the lion share many admirable traits. But it is the complete package — both good qualities and bad —that make her such a unique creature. Men who are dating, or planning to date, a Gemini woman need to be prepared for both good and bad.

One of the most charming qualities of the Leo woman is her generous nature. Leo women tend to be very giving —with their time. Sometimes with their money and with their emotions. Leo women also tend to be very creative and very enthusiastic about life.

Men who date a Gemini frequently are astounded by how minding they could be. Those men ought to be set up to reimburse that caring dedication in kind.

Choice of partners are painters, excellent sculptors or wonderful musicians. Gemini woman’s artistic nature is often expressed in other ways as well. A Leo women have found careers which allow them to express their creativity and personal styles. Leo women actively try to fight that negative trait. Leo women share a significance for the men in their lives.

Men can also expect the Leo women in their lives to be both loving and faithful. Leo women tend to value fidelity very highly. They also tend to respond very negatively to a breach of that trust.

On the negative side, some men may find Leo women a bit overbearing and bit bossy at times. Leo women can be somewhat rigid and intolerant at times.

Dating the Leo woman can be a truly rewarding experience, both emotionally and physically. The key Is to understand all the characteristics that make these women so special.

An understanding of the traits that make personality will help both get the most out of their special relationships. A Leo woman perceive this propensity. Leos set up to agreement and are committed.

Leo men are filled with their passion for love. All that it entails for a Leo is driven to be in love, stay in love, and cherish love . A world often revolves around his need to experience love riot throughout the entire day. From the moment he gets up in the morning till night, the Leo man is all about being in love. His woman and everything about her is perhaps the most important facet of his life.

Once a Leo man finds someone who admires his eye but also his heart, he’d stop at nothing to express. His actions tend to be dramatic giving the effect of experiencing the freshness of new love each. Every time he engages in sexual foreplay with his chosen lover. Fervent in his attentions to his lover, the Leo man engages in eroticism without inhibition.

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