Dating a Sagittarius Versus Pisces Woman


What woman are you dating today?

Sagittarius Women

Those women born under the sign of Sagittarius share many unique qualities, and many of these qualities will be important to the men in their lives Those men who are currently dating a Sagittarian woman will need to understand how these various traits intertwine and combine with her own personality to create the person they know and love. By understanding these various qualities men can get the most out of their relationships and gain a greater understanding of the women who are so important in their lives.

One of the most endearing qualities of the Sagittarian woman Is her optimistic nature. Those born under the sign of Sagittarius definitely see the glass as half full, and that optimism Is reflected In many different ways.

From their careers and finances to their personal lives and romantic interest, Sagittarian women tend to be very upbeat and very optimistic. The Sagittarian woman also tends to be very upbeat and good natured. This jovial nature makes her a joy to be around, and many people will be drawn to her happy nature. The Sagittarian woman is often the center of attention, and she tends to draw those around her into her circle of warmth.

Sagittarian women also tend to be very straightforward and honest, and sometimes a bit too honest. One of the negative characteristics of this star sign is a kind of tactlessness that sometimes emerges in social situations and personal matters Sagittarius women need to be on guard against this tendency, and the men In their lives need to be prepared for what at some times will feel like brutal honesty.

Back on the positive side Sagittarius women are often very intelligent and very philosophical. .This philosophical nature can lead to great insights, and many Sagittarian women have become quite adept at understanding themselvess and dealing with the more negative aspects of their Zodiac sign. This can temper some of the problems that would otherwise occur and make the Sagittarian woman even more a a trusted companion.

Pisces Woman Vs You

Those born under the Zodiac sign Pisces have many unique traits that make them excellent dates and even better companions. Even so, men who are dating, or thinking about dating, the Pisces woman will need to understand all of the traits — both positive and negative — typically associated with this star sign.

On the plus side, the Pisces woman is known for being kind, sensitive and compassionate, all traits that make her an excellent lifelong companion. These important traits also lend themselves to motherhood, and Pisces women are often exceptional mothers and patient caregivers.

The Pisces woman also tends to be very intuitive and very sympathetic, also traits that lend themselves well to motherhood and a great life with her husband. Pisces women seem uniquely able to see things from other peoples’ point of view, and that quality can make them great at conflict resolution. This will certainly come in handy down the road when a houseful of kids has been added to the mix

Pisces women also tend to see the world in idealistic ways. Depending on one’s point of view this can be a negative or a positive.. For instance some men may wish their mates were more practical, and the idealistic and escapist nature of the Pisces woman can cause some conflicts with this type of man.

In addition the Pisces woman is often so eager to please and so anxious to avoid conflict that she allows herself to be led by others.. Women born under this star sign need to look out for this quality in themselves, and the men In their lives need to be careful not to take advantage of that nature.

The Pisces woman can be a wonderful lover, wife and mother for the right man. The key to dating such a unique individual is to understand all the qualities she possesses — both the good ones and the bad. Understanding the tendencies of the Pisces woman will help you get the most out of what can be a great and long lasting relationship.