How 4 Steps Will Change The Way You Approach Astrology


If you are interested in studying astrology, your friends and family may think you are crazy without realizing that the study of astrology dates back to ancient times and that it seems to be making a comeback among Millennial and Generation Z. You persist anyway, not knowing where to start and asking too many questions all at once.

Where might you find someone willing to teach you? Should you just go it alone and become an autodidact? Where are you going to find the resources necessary to progress? Don’t despair. These 5 tips will get you started in the blink of an eye.

Compose a list of goals

Regardless of whether you are studying computer science, the culinary arts, or stand-up comedy, you must know what your goals are at the outset for you to reap the rewards of your efforts, be successful, and hopefully enjoy yourself along the way. The same is true of astrology. Know whether you’d like it to be a hobby to pursue with friends or alone, a job that will earn you some money on the side (without quitting your day job), or a career that you can be proud of.

In addition to knowing your objectives, also try to figure out which specific interests you have. Are you interested in medical astrology? Psychological astrology? Vocational astrology? Or do you just want to get a good overview of a multitude of subjects? These are the questions you need to ask yourself before you enroll in your first course or-purchase your- first book.

Compile a list of resources

If you are just starting out in astrology, you may ask yourself how you can compile a list if you don’t knowwhere to look. Don’t sweat it. There are plenty of resources on the net and at your local bookstore that will lead you in the right direction. Type “astrology forums” into your search bar on Google or another search engine, and your search will yield a multitude of results. From there, you can select a website that looks most interesting to you and start looking for forum threads regarding astrology books and videos and put them on your own personal wish list.

If you don’t find anything helpful or you decide that you want to start engaging in the community discussion, you can create a free account that will allow you to post queries of your own. On the other hand, unique books are the bread and butter of smaller, family-owned bookstores, so your chances of finding a well-written, comprehensive, yet unique and engaging beginners handbook in astrology are high.

Browse the shop and take down notes with the titles you’d like to start with and what you’d like to read in succession. If all else fails, there are plenty of online retailers today who also carry unique books, so take a peek and save your preferred titles to a list or create your own on your word processor or in a journal.

Time Management

Determine your hours spent studying per week. Although this one may seem obvious, it’s important that you figure out where your astrology studies will fit into your life and how much time you must devote to them. If you have other responsibilities such as a full-time career, a job in another field, university studies, family obligations, or hobbies that take up a substantial amount of your time, then you will have to be realistic about how many hours you can spend starting out.

Multitasking can be difficult, but it can be done if you set aside a small amount of time each week for your new hobby or professional interest. Try your best to stick to your schedule and avoid skipping sessions. If, for example, you have decided to allocate 1 hour per week to your astrology studies, don’t skip 3 weeks and then do 5 hours of study during the 4th week.


As is the case with cooking a new recipe, consistent methods yield consistent results. When you skip weeks, you forget information, and when you feel like you are falling behind, Ws easy to get frustrated and interrupt your studies. Don’t fall victim to procrastination, and don’t overwhelm yourself with information initially by spending too many hours per week reading and studying. The best wayto progresswith your astrological studies is to take things one week at a time and build on your knowledge as if learning a foreign language.

Decide whether you’d like to learn alone or as part of a group. One of the most important questions you will have to ask yourself as you get started in astrology is whether you perform better as an individual learner or as a group learner. There are all sorts of aptitude and learning style tests available on the web today that will answer this question for you free of charge in case you don’t trust your own instincts. Once you have answered this question, you can either continue with your studies on your own, or, alternatively, find a tutor with a reasonable rate.

Another possibility would be to set up a local meetup with people who share the same interest in astrology or to gather a group of friends and form an astrology circle that discusses different topics of interest to members each week (or month, if you prefer). Good luck!