Is God the Author of Evil?

Is God the author of evil? Did he sit back and devise evil plans for his creation in order to bring suffering upon them? These questions and many others like them are echoed in the minds of those wanting to know the truth about God’s nature, and God’s omniscient involvement in creation. If God is not the author of evil, then why is there so much suffering, pain, disease, and famine, in the world?

Why does he allow such things to continue? Many in their attempts to understand God, or explain him, claim that yes he is the author of evil and can do as he pleases with creation.

Others, such as skeptics, say he is a cruel God, rejoicing in making people suffer, playing with mankind as pawns in a chess game. But are these explanations and accusations true? Let’s begin by explaining God’s character, his nature, and the attributes which make him that.

Yes, God is omniscient, omnipresent, and omnipotent. These are attributes that make him alone God. No other creature in all creation has these attributes. They are preserved only for him.

If this is true, and he is all-knowing, how do we explain creation, the knowledge of good and evil, or other events God allowed to happen which brought about the fall? First, its wise creation cannot dwell in the presence of sin. How can something full of love, compassion, mercy, understanding, and yet, also be righteous?

God who judges according to his standards. Yet, this explanation alone is not sufficient to calm the minds of the skeptic. Since God is all knowing, we can say with the utmost certainty that “no,” nothing happens in all creation that he is not aware of.

If mankind had no choice but to serve him with robotic responses, would that have been ‘love’? How would mankind show their love to him in return, if all their responses were programmed?

Yet, God in his infinite wisdom saw beforehand what mankind would choose to do and planned a way to reverse the effects of the fall. The purpose was to give man a choice. Choose life, or choose death. Nevertheless we, according to his promise, look for new heavens and a new earth, wherein dwelleth righteousness, and our stupidity. Until then, suffering, disease, pain, etc. are and will continue to be the consequences of the fall.

Creation was initially created “good”, in other words perfect without sin. God truly cannot in any way be the ‘author’ of evil. To help us understand a little more, let’s define what ‘evil’ is. Is Evil the want of moral perfection in God’s creation? May be.

God indeed allows calamity or destruction to befall a city or people who have chosen to purposefully rebel against, and who try to destroy people, and his work. Calamity and distress come upon people as a form of judgment, not any sort of “moral evil.” God allowed them to be overtaken because of their sinful lives, knowing to do good yet not doing it.

I would venture to say that there is nothing more that God is a form of surprise we never can fully understand. Men steal from each other, kill, and destroy anything that would lead us to be peaceful. Yet we chose to question God’s character.