Know Your Sun Sign

The field of astrology is a fascinating one, and there are many things to learn about this ancient art. The astrological world places great importance on a number of natural elements, including the moon, the stars and other-heavenly bodies, but the sun is of course one of the most important elements in the world of astrology. To those who study astrology, the sun is seen to represent the personality of the individual born under its influence. The sun is also thought to exert influence over those interests, traits and issues that empower individuals and help them live their lives more fully.

Of course the sun is not the only element of astrology, and those with an interest in the field should understand how it fits into the overall picture. In addition to the sun, the moon and the ascendant play an important role, with each element making up an important part of the whole picture.

Some who follow astrology consider the sun simply one of many elements that influence the personality and other-traits of the individual, while others feel that the sin is central to the understanding of the field. No matter what the case may be, astrologers have long seen the sin as an indispensable starting point The sun’s position within the Zodiac on the date of one’s birth is seen to determine the individual’s so called “sun sign”. It is this sun sign that we refer to when we say that an individual is a Pisces, Taurus, Capricorn, etc.

Using the sun sign to determine one’s astrological personality makes a lot of sense for many reasons. One of the most important reasons is that most individuals will find that their date of birth falls solidly within one of the twelve sun signs of the Zodiac. The divisions of the Zodiac provide a great and easy to understand starting point for further study, and just about everyone knows their own sun sign. Those who wish to delve more deeply into the world of astrology can use their sun sign as a start and learn more about the influence of the moon, the planets, the stars and other heavenly bodies on the day of their birth.

Even though sun signs are usually simple to understand, there will always be those individuals whose birth date falls on the border between two sun signs. Those individuals bom at the time when the sun moves between two Zodiac signs often have a more complicated personality profile, and they may want to dive a bit more deeply into the world of astrology in order to understand themselves more fully.

There are many ways to explore the world of astrology, from very simple methods to ones that are quite complex. Some individuals will simply be content to read the horoscope for their sun sign a couple of times a year, while others will seek to gain a deeper understanding of their personality and the personality of others who share the month and day of their birth.

Those who wish to delve more deeply into the world of astrology have a number of choices, from old fashioned techniques like leaming the art at the feet of an old master to new methods that use unique computer programs tc determine the exact position of any number of heavenly bodies at the time of one’s birth. These computer programs can easily pinpoint the exact position of the sun, the moon and the stars at the exact hour and minute the individual made his or her entrance into the world.

For those with a deep understanding of the power of astrology the sun sign represents an important window into their personality and their place in the wider world. Sun signs provide an important glimpse into an individual’s true identity, as well as their purpose and their destiny. Understanding one’s sun sign can also give the individual a unique self image and a sense of their purpose in life.

The power of the sun sign is difficult to overstate, and those with an understanding of astrology have long realized the significance of the sun’s position at the moment of their birth. The energy of the sun is one of the most powerful forces in the universe, and the power it can exert over the individual can be just as great. The sun is a symbol of energy and power, and that energy and power come through in the sign under which the individual is bom.

Sun signs help to describe the traits the individual will express, and astrologers have long understood howthe sun influences personality. Each sun sign has its own unique characteristics and traits, and studying one’s sun sign can provide a unique insight into one’s personality. For example, those individuals who were bom when the sun was in the sign of Cancer tend to be nurturing, compassionate and sensitive, while those born underthe sign of Aries tend to be more assertive, independent and highly competitive.

Of course before you can start studying the effect of your sun sign you will need to know where you fall within the Zodiac. So check your birth date, your sun sign and how the day and time of your birth influenceswho you are, how you think and how you look at the world around you. The sun signs of the Zodiac, and their associated dates, are as follows

Some people take the study of astrology very seriously, while others treat it as just another entertainment. No matter which side of the fence you fall on, knowing your sun sign can help to increase your understanding of the world and your place in it. Whether you are a sensitive Cancer, a hard driving Aries or something in between, an understanding of your sun sign can enhance your life and your enjoyment of it.