Spiritual Incantations can Strengthen Belief (And Help You Reach Goals)

Do you believe in Spirituality?

Affirmations, prayer, and spells involve incantations, otherwise known as chants or a series of words. They have been in use since the early days of civilization and evidence of their existence can be found on ancient artifacts. Eons ago, incantations were often designed to bring about good luck or curse people, but they were also used for spiritual purposes.

Although Spiritual incantations might seem like mumbo jumbo to some people, science tells us their usage is legitimate. Everything is made of energy, even your thoughts and intentions. Hence, you intuitively know whether the people you meet are emitting a positive or negative vibe.

What does it mean to be spiritual?

If you want to expand positive energy, and inspire yourself or others to change, adopting a ritualistic approach to stringing words together and carefully choosing those words might help. Further, repeating incantations strengthens beliefs. The more you hear, think, and say the same series of words, the more deeply they embed in your mind.

You can purposely adopt a belief by planting it in your brain via an incantation. Incantations are powerful, not only because they help turn intentions into habits, but also because creating them pushes you to clarify what you want. Once your wish is put into words, you can focus on carrying out the right actions to spawn desired results.

Incantations help you identify your needs and provide a vehicle in which they can travel and build. Affirmations, for instance, work when repeated often. Self-belief grows as layer upon layer of positive words shift your perspective. Your motivation toward what you want increases when you say your chosen incantations too since you keep your intentions in mind.

Live a Life – Be Spiritual

The benefits of being a spiritual person are endless. Living a life based on spiritual principles opens the door to a freedom that few will ever know. What does it mean to be spiritual? What is the difference between spirituality and religion? What if I’ve done horrible things in my life? These are all valid questions. Let’s take a deeper look at spirituality and the many ways in which it enhances one’s life.

This question goes hand-in-hand with the question, “What is the difference between spirituality and religion?” Spirituality is individual. Religion, on the other hand, is generally defined by a dogmatic set of ritualistic practices.

Spirituality is the belief that we come from love and will return to love. You build the foundation of your spiritual beliefs on your conception of your higher power. This can be different for many people. Some believe that we are created by an individual being with unconditional love. Others believe that Mother Nature, herself, is a power of love. Still, others look to the sun, moon, trees, or even positive energies of an intangible nature.

Living w/out Guilt & Shame

Can I really live without guilt and shame?


Coming to understand and believe that there is a power of love that supersedes all the negative energy isthe first step in surrendering to that power. Think of a time in your life during which you gave everything you could to another human being, no matter what they did or didn’t do. Think about some bad decisions they made or the ways they hurt you. How much did it take for you to walk away from that person (if you ever even did)? Did any of that make you love them less? Now consider that the entity who created you has an infinite amount of love to give.

Humility is a word that is often misunderstood. Some humiliating circumstances help a person become more humble However, the word ‘humiliation’ doesn’t even begin to encompass the gravity of what humility means. Humility is the realization that we are neither better nor worse than others, we are all just human. We are spiritual beings living in a secular world. When we come to understand that, we can view ourselves with less criticism and judgment.

Becoming able to view the least desirable aspects of our character with less judgment and more love is the first step. That, in and of itself, relieves an unbelievable amount of guilt and shame.

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