Taurus Career Horoscope

If you were born between 21st April and 21st May you’ll come under the earth sign of Taurus. As a typical Taurean, you will be ambitious but you will also need the security of a steady, preferably high, income and predictable routines

Never forget that Taureans are romantics at heart. Rougher -signs like Aries might find Taureans too sentimental. In contrast, the more sensitive Pisces is easily wooed by the bull’s charms. Taureans appreciate sexy but sensible lovers. A good homemaker or provider will be more attractive to a Taurus than a sexpot.

You won’t want any surprises or sudden changes in the workplace and you don’t like to take too many risks. Your natural charm will be an asset when it comes to working with people.

But what does this mean when it comes to ideal jobs for you? You’ll be happier planning a career path that will give you structure, so go for something where your reliability and methodical approach will benefit you.

You could try banking, government or the pharmaceutical industry. You have great patience and an eye for detail, so work as an accountant, architect or planner might appeal to you. If you want to work for yourself, then you’ll need to find a low risk enterprise and a partner that complements your strengths, someone who’ll take the risks while you keep an eye on the financial side of things.