The Time Is Running Out! Career Opportunities for Sagittarius

If you were born between 23rd November and 21st December you’ll come under the fire sign of Sagittarius. As a typical Sagittarius, you’ll have an unconventional approach to life and a strong dislike of being tied down. You enjoy taking risks, and nurturing your intellectual side is as important to you as pushing the physical boundaries.

You have an enthusiasm and a need to succeed that can make you restless and drive you to seek new challenges on a regular basis. You prefer no routine at all to facing the same thing every day. You also enjoy nurturing others and helping them achieve their potential.

What job are you looking for?

But what does this mean when it comes to ideal jobs for you? Look for anything that gives you the challenge and excitement you crave. You need a role fierce competition is constant, and it doesn’t matter if you’re trying to beat targets or your colleagues.

Your talent for organizing will help you, but you sometimes miss the finer detail which can cause you problems. Think about a career in the emergency services, tutoring or sales, anything where you are not chained to your desk all day.