The Ultimate Guide To Scorpio Entrepreneur’s Traits: Big Reveal

Ready to embark on your entrepreneurial adventure? Your to-do list surely includes drafting a business plan and hiring employees. But don’t forget to read up on the zodiac forces that drive you, Scorpio.

A Detective at Heart

A Scorpio, no matter what their line of work, always has a detectives mentality. Nothing goes unnoticed, plus your memory for the minutest of details is almost superhuman. You’ll remember each employee’s birthday, their last vacation, their pet’s name, and quite possibly how much they owe on their credit card this month.

Your magnetic charm leads to people telling you their secrets. And your attentiveness goes a long way toward making employees feel valued and more committed. But, like the private investigator you are, you’ll also be the first to know when something is amiss in your workforce.

You Are Not an Open Book

While you tend to know everything about industry bigwigs, competitors, vendors, and employees, they know very little about you. And you’re perfectly fine with that. Scorpios prefer to be a mystery, even to their closest allies.

You are Suspicious of Compliments

Some entrepreneurs seek compliments and feel emboldened every time praise is lavished upon them. Not a Scorpio. You, more than any other zodiac sign, don’t need othersto applaud your accomplishments. You are self-motivated and know exactly your worth. To you, one compliment is fine, but anything more and you suspect an ulterior motive.

Your Office is Decidedly a No-Drama Zone

You may be angry or euphoric, but your employees will never know it. You believe that revealing an intense emotion, whether it be negative or positive, is a sign of weakness. A Scorpio boss is the calm in any storm. Your consistent composure is very much appreciated by employees, especially because a small business is naturally prone to ups and downs.

You Know That Every Problem Can Be Solved

Scorpios excel when it comes to solving problems. You are remarkably resourceful, have an unquenchable curiosity, and are born sleuths. Good thing, because start-ups are rife with hiccups. An angel investor backs out, so you take to a crowdfunding site instead.

Your feature on a national morning show crashes your website, so you field consumer queries via Twitter. Even things that are seemingly low priority-an undelivered order, an unanswered customer-complaint – are not below your radar. They’re learning experiences, and once tackled, a Scorpio boss makes sure those mistakes don’t happen again.

You Keep Score

As a Scorpio, you have always adhered to a personal code of ethics. You expect a lot of yourself, and of others. There’s also the matter of the Scorpio’s most celebrated and feared weapon – revenge. So when someone crosses you, watch out. Challenging your authority or insulting a loved one, especially a child, is an act of war in your mind.

Because of your placid exterior, the offender often has no idea how seriously he’s offended you. While retaliation may not be immediate, you make sure to always even the score.

Your Loyalty is Legendary

The Scorpio boss is no lone ranger. You are all about the team, and you genuinely and generously cham pion those who have earned a spot on your roster.