To Those Who Want To Start Gemstones But Are Afraid To Get Started


Many ancient cultures used gemstones in jewelry and for healing. It was thought that gemstones and crystals contained healing qualities and mythical powers.

Orange, red and yellow stones are believed to produce energy. Red is the color of fire and all that fire is is energy, and very powerful energy at that. Today, more and more people are suffering the effects of uncontrolled stress and anxiety. That is reason enough to use crystals to heal.

Gemstones have been used for protection against evil, to bring good luck, to attract love or to increase the chances of a successful marriage. Knowing the myths and stories associated with different gemstones can be helpful when choosing gemstone jewelry for yourself or for a loved one.


Moonstone is often called the lovers’ stone. It shimmers in an interesting way as it reflects light, and this quality has added to its mystical reputation. When used in healing, moonstones are said to strengthen intuition and to bring beautiful dreams 2. Rose quartz

Rose quartz comes in a range of pink shades, and it symbolizes love and beauty. Rose quartz has been used for centuries in ceremonies and rituals associated with love, and both Roman and Greek mythologies link rose quartz to stories and myths about love.


Amethyst is linked to intuition, sobriety and the ability to think clearly. It is a protective stone, and it is said to clear the mind from negative thoughts. It is sometimes used to help with meditation and to develop intuition


The Aztec and Inca cultures thought emerald s were sacred stones, and the ancient Egyptians held emeralds in high regard. Some cultures have used them as love charms, for protection and as a symbol of contentment. Some myths claim that emeralds give their wearer an ability to see into the future.

Red Ruby

Many gemstones are associated with love, passion, marriage or fidelity. Rubies are associated with passionate love, and a gift of red ruby jewelry could be a symbol of powerful attraction.


Sailors used aquamarines during long journeys to protect themselves from harm and from seasickness The ancient Greeks used aquamarines as love charms, and some cultures thought aquamarines could lead to a successful marriage. Aquamarines were also thought to bring happiness, courage, youthfulness and intelligence. Aquamarine is thought to calm frazzled nerves and control anxiety attacks.


Garnet is a traditional symbol of friendship. Crystals are laid on the body during massages, or when the inflicted person is resting. They can be placed in bath and drinking water. Some people hold them as they meditate,, while others carry them with them at all times.


Balances blood sugar, reduces anger,, heal s the hair„ scalp, eyes, and alleviates headaches and problems of the pituitary gland. Amethyst also controls nightmares and hallucinations.

Rose Quartz

Emotional healing, forgiveness, peacefulness, loss, hurt, stress, anger, resentment, fear, enhances beauty, love and emotional healing.

If you are interested in crystal healing, you need to know the healing properties of each stone that you are going to use. Never use a stone if you don”t know the qualities that it possesses. The following list will aid you in knowing what stones to use for certain ailments. They are listed in random order and this has no bearing on the power or importance.

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