What Does Your Sun Sign Say About You

The Sagittarius man is an adventurer who longs to seek out many truths about the world. In his quest for knowledge, he also searches for noble causes and the protection of freedoms. Gaining the respect of other people around him is important to him partly because of his personal commitment to the ethical facets of life. He is generous under most circumstances as well as courteous to a fault.


The Sagittarius man sometimes experiences a wanderlust or need to stray from the straight and narrow. When this happens, he searches for aspects outside the ordered realm of life and strays from conformity and the norm. Fortunately, this is not a common occurrence for him.


The Leo man is filled with his passion for love and all that it entails. He is driven to be in love, stay in love, and cherish love. Hi sworl d often revolves around his need to experience love riot just on a daily basis, but throughout the entire day. From the moment he gets up in the morning until he places his head upon his pillow at night, the Leo man is all about being in love. His woman and everything about her is perhaps the most important facet of his life.

Once the Leo man finds a woman who captures not only his eye but also his heart, he will stop at nothing to prove he loves her. His actions tend to be dramatic giving the effect of experiencing the freshness of new love each and every time he engages in sexual foreplay with his chosen lover. Fervent in his attentions to his lover, the Leo man engages in eroticism without inhibition.


Woah there, tiger. There’s no need to run to your crush’s aid today. Everyone knows you’re a very impulsive, caring person, but maybe the reason they have been taking you for granted is because you always make yourself available. They’ll never feel the need to commit and make sacrifices if they know they’re getting the spiritual milk for free. Step back, let things cool down a bit, and let your crush run to you for a change.

However, once they do make the first move and come to you, follow your heart. Act spontaneously and don’t let the burdens of family and work get in the way of your-blossoming love. As an Aries, you tend to have problems choosing between your love life, work, and family because you want to make yourself available to everyone, and you don’t want to disappoint anyone. Such devotion in all aspects of your life inevitably means you are neglecting something, whether if be your career, your family, or that special someone you’ve had your eye on.

It’s time to realize some sacrifice is inevitable and something needs to go on the backbumer for a while. You’re not a machine! Maybe it’s time for a vacation, or a weekend getaway with that special someone. Remember, as an Aries, you really are a free spirit, and you make a wonderful, exciting lover, so don’t be afraid to show that wild, reckless side. It’s time to treat yourself to the sensual side of life. You deserve it!


Mashing your nose against a portrait isn’t a good way to view a painting, and the same rule applies to your life. Sometimes it’s important to step back and view things from afar to gain a better, more complete perspective on everything. It’s easy to miss the little blessings we encounter every day when we’re swept up in the chaos of our daily lives. Life is in the details, and you will never know what you’re missing if you sprint through it with tunnel vision, missing all kinds of beautiful, wonderful things. Stop rushing about! The work will all still be there tomorrow.

The strong, willful,. focused Gemini can sometimes forget they have a big heart and need to share love with someone! Work is not everything, so don’t forget to take some time out and meet people with whom you could potentially forge positive, healthy relationships However, just as a moth bums itself on its beloved flame, Geminis tend to get burnt when they don’t recognize glaring faults in their relationships.

That same focus that had helped you excel in your career demands you focus all of your love and attention into a single individual. That means you’re a caring lover, but it can also mean you tend to wear rose-colored glasses. Listen to the advice of your friends and family. If they don’t approve of your new relationship, chances are they see something that you don’t. Don’t let your focus and detemiination undermine what you deserve — the best!


You’re an exciting, risk-taking kind of person, which is normally a great thing. That’s why people are drawn to you. Your energy and passion is contagious and you make a great friend and excellent lover. However, you may want to cool your jets this week.

Now is not the time to go out on a limb with your love life. You tend to jump into things too quickly and your relationships become your entire world. Yes, love is a wonderful thing, but have you ever noticed that you tend to babble about your new relationships until your friends look nauseated?

While love is a great thing, your partner should not define who you are as a person. As a cancer, you are a bright, bold, interesting person with your own interests and passions. Keep pursuing them independently, even if you meet the dreamiest person ever. Oh, and don’t neglect the other people in your life. Remember, long after the love affair has fizzled out, your friends and family will be there to support you in the long run.

But you’ve met the one and you want to take them home immediately, you say? No, you should never pass a love opportunity by, but go slow. That’s a foreign concept to you, but I’ll say it again: Go slow. Consider all pros and cons, and weigh the good with the bad carefully.


Now is the time to stop being stubborn. You don’t always have to be right, whether the two of you are fighting over who misplaced the remote or where you should take your annual vacation this year. It’s healthy to surrender control sometimes, in life and in the bedroom. You need to trust your partner more, in decisions and in your sex life.

It’s time to focus on the two of you. Turn off the TV. unplug the phone, turn off the blackberry, and light some candles Cook a special dinner together and spend an evening of great food and conversation together. Afterwards, remain a sensitive and caring lover. Ask your partner if they have any fantasies, or would like to try something new in the bedroom. Make the evening about them and their needs for a change.

Also, remember to stop being so hard on the other people in your life. When they give you advice about your love life, it is not always because they’re meddling or disapproving of your life decisions. Sometimes, relatives and friends just want to genuinely help you. Lately, you’ve been feeling especially sensitive and stubborn, but take a breath and remember that accepting advice isn’t a blow to your ego. It’s actually a very wise, mature thing to do.


Unlike the stubborn Taurus, the kind-hearted Virgo is all about compromise. Maybe a little too much about compromise. You oftentimes find yourself playing the role of doormat in your relationships. You cave too easily and refuse to accept compliments.

There is nothing wrong with standing up for yourself during a lover’s quarrel. It is not in your nature to passionately battle it out, but at least state your wants, disagreements, and desire. Remember: 90% of a relationship is communication. If you can’t express yourself, your relationship is doomed because your partner will never understand what you need.

You don’t have to be adored by everyone all the time. Disagreements and fights are sometimes necessary in order to reach compromise and consensus. Yes, all fights are unpleasant, but it is equally unpleasant to play the subservient role in the relationship.

Your lover will respect and admire you once you assert yourself, and you will feel worlds better about yourself. Once you take the initial step of speaking up for yourself, it becomes easier to do so during all subsequent interactions. After that very first non-doormat confrontation, people will suddenly be very willing to listen to you and your needs since they know they are no longer speaking to the resident doormat.

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