What you might not know about a Aries Woman


If you’re looking for a wilting violet or a damsel in distress to give your love to… look elsewhere. You vvill not find these qualities in an Aries woman. Rather, the Aries woman—in love and elsewhere—is courageous and bold. She does riot need a man to rescue her (thank you very much). But she may well rescue YOU.

The Approach

There is no subtlety in an Aries woman’s mating approach. Her method goes something like this if she likes you, you’re HERS. She will quickly move into your personal space, corner you, then capture (and usually stun) you with questions like this

“I bought something more comfortable at the lingerie store yesterday. Would you like to see it?”\ `Wanna see MY Victoria’s Secret?\ “Ready for an “al l-ni ghter?”\ and even… ‘Would you f__ k me? (Don’t laugh. I actually know an Aries woman who used that line on a man who, naturally, could not resist that invitation).

If you’re an old fashioned guy, you probably won’t appreciate her bold approach, but look at it this way… you have found a woman who will be as bold in bed as she was in the words that got you there!