What’s the Tarot Cards of the Major Arcana?

There is an art to Tarot, but much can be gained by doing a simple one card draw. To give clarity to a situation and help unlock knowledge you already possess. To do this, separate the Minor Arcana cards from the Major Arcana. Shuffle while concentrating on the problem or issue you wish to investigate. Then when you have the inclination to do so, cut the deck and turn over the top card.

You may do this for yourself, or for a “frequent”— someone else who is asking a question. Although different decks may give different monikers to their Major Arcana cards. If you believe in numerology and need more information about astrology by date of birth, this would help you a lot.

Use your intuition to cipher the parts most relevant to your initial question. There are no right or wrong answers in Tarot. Tarot is a great tool to be used for self-enlightenment. The most common names are listed below, with a brief overview of their potential meanings.

The Fool

Unencumbered by many possessions, The Fool is free to choose his own path. The card may symbolize a new beginning. Feeling of starting over, but with little worry as to eventual outcome.

The Fool card represents someone who has a happy-go-lucky attitude. The fool likely does not know where he or she is headed, but feels little anxiety over little things.

The Chariot

The Chariot card suggests a battle. Victory will won only through hardship, perseverance and unwavering dedication to end goal. Discipline, focus and mastery of self are required when you choose this card. It represents forward movement and the ability to overcome obstacles through tact and balance.


The depiction on the Strength card is often a lion, and for good reason. This card represents someone who is both strong emotionally and physically, yet also passionate and at certain moments, dangerous. This card can sometimes indicate that the questioner has buried emotions for someone or something; emotions that they usually hide and repress, but that grow stronger with time.

The Hermit

Drawing this card indicates a need for inner calm and time to meditate and reflect. This card may also represent a solitary journey, such as overseas travel to complete a course.

The Hermit chooses to be alone with his own thoughts, and through his own thoughts gains wisdom and patience. The world is his for the taking, but he seeks power only through true understanding not material goods or politics. The “Hermit card” suggests that the answers to problem can be found through quiet contemplation or study.

Wheel of Fortune

The Wheel represents a new chapter in life. In a Tarot spread, this card suggests that new opportunities will present themselves and significant life changes are in store. If related to a problem, it can suggest outcome of much toil. Now abandoned or forgotten, that’s bearing fruit. Other associations also follow.


When the seeker draws this card, it indicates a desire or need for balance. It can also symbolize a “third path” between two seemingly dichotomous realities. Often blind to unconventional options used to seeing things in black and white. This card can also carry the meaning of repressed feelings. If one’s feelings are not expressed in a certain time deal with a situation at hand.

This is common for parents with a sick child for example, who need to appear strong for their child. If this is the case for the seeker, they should be advised to allow themselves an opportunity to express feelings. When possible in order to avoid causing themselves emotional harm. The woman typically depicted in this card is shown in a balancing act. Drawing this card often warns that although balance is currently being achieved, it cannot be maintained for the long term.

The Devil

The Devil represents our earthly desires for material possessions, luxury, sex and excess of all kinds. Contrary to popular belief, this card does not necessarily warn of addictions.

Although in some spreads it may be an indicator of overindulgence. Instead, this card can sometimes mean the complete opposite —it emphasizes the importance of self-interest, pleasure and solitary ambition. These minimalist drives can surely lead us down the wrong life path, but they can also allow us be ourselves.

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